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We already have a photographer booked, do we need film too?

An average second of film has 25 frames in it - that's 25 photos per second. Imagine how much you can capture with that! But don't just think of video as moving photos - think of video as moving photos with sound. You'll be able to hear all those magical moments, like vows, speeches and laughter all again whenever you like. A wedding film makes a perfect companion to your photography in this way.  

How do you record the day?

We work using a multi-camera setup fitted with professional shotgun microphones. This means during your ceremony and speeches we’ll usually have 2-3 cameras running at all times to make sure you’ve got it all covered. We also hook up a lapel microphone to the groom during the ceremony to get the best clean feed for vows, and have a separate microphone on the top table for the speeches, plus plenty of back up options too! The rest of the day we’ll be ninja-like holding our cameras hand-held to get those sneaky candids.

How long are you with us on the day?

We start filming usually a few hours before the ceremony starts. We love to film the preparations in the morning! Then we’ll be with you all day right through to the first dance and even further after that. Usually we just stay until we believe we’ve got enough dancing footage, we don’t set a strict time. If you’ve got something special planned for later in the night like fireworks etc, no problem, we have an add-on for staying until midnight.

Can you film both bride and groom preparations if they’re not in the same place?

Short answer - yes! Long answer - this is one of those situations that often requires having two shooters instead of just the one. Being in two places at once is remarkably handy! This can be discussed during your consultation to see if a 2nd shooter would be needed.

Are you LGBT+ friendly?

Heck yes my friend.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of Northern Ireland, though are willing to go further. The first wedding we ever filmed was in Colorado, USA! If you would like us to film your wedding outside of our covered area, we'll work together to create a custom price to cover our travel and accommodation costs.

How do we book / pay?

If you’re keen on booking (yay!) we send you a quote through our online booking system. From there you can sign the contract, fill in a quick questionnaire, and pay your retainer all in one place. Easy peasy!

Can we meet up beforehand?

Yes please! This helps us get to know each other before the big day, and allows us to explain our process in more detail. We can also have a consultation on the phone if you’re not local to Belfast, where we’re based.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

We would really appreciate getting fed a meal on the day, as while you and your guests are partying and celebrating, we will be working a long 8-12 hour day and will definitely need sustenance! Your venue / caterer will probably have an option for feeding the vendors at your wedding. The best time is usually when your guests are eating, as not much will be happening then anyway. We won't sit with your guests, but find a quiet spot somewhere else so we can take a quick break and backup your footage. 

When can we expect our films?

We aim to deliver your final package between three to five months after your date, though this will vary depending on when your wedding is. Often the summer months are twice as busy as others! We take pride in our films so we don’t want to rush them.

Can we pick the music you use for our film?

This question is more complicated than it may seem. For legal / licensing purposes, popular music cannot be used in any online videos. For these online videos, we purchase music through sites like The Music Bed or Soundstripe, which provide beautiful licensed music suitable for this kind of work. But we know music is important, so we’re happy to chat about your particular taste in songs to make sure you get something you like!

Are you insured?

Of course! We have equipment, public liability and professional indemnity insurance taken out with PolicyBee. If your venue requires proof of our insurance, let us know and we can sort that out for you.

Can you do photography?

While we do have some background in photography, our strengths are really in filmmaking, and so that is solely what we offer. If you’re looking for a photographer, check out our recommended vendors page.