A Tale Of Two Weddings

I’ve got a fun little comparison here. The two videos I’ve got here, one above and one below, are the most recent wedding film I finished editing, and the first ever wedding film I made respectively. Both took place in America. Both were of family members. How’s that for a fun coincidence?

I’d never considered wedding videography as a career until my uncle Keif asked me if I’d like to film his wedding. I was a student at the time, working on a degree in Photography and Film. We were flying out to Colorado that summer to attend the event, and he and his fiancée Ari thought that it could be a good opportunity for both of us if I tried filming it. Looking back, they are very trusting people! I filmed the entire thing on one camera, my trusty Nikon d5200, one lens, mostly handheld, no audio equipment. Oh and a couple of GoPros. I shudder at the thought! But I did it! In the weeks leading up to the wedding I must have watched 100s of wedding videos online, trying to get a vibe for what I should be doing. I totally winged it, but in the end I created something I was quite proud of, and every year Keif and Ari share it on Facebook for all their friends.

Flash forward 4 years. I’ve graduated, and spent about 2 or 3 years honing my craft of wedding films. Eventually, Familiar Joy was founded in the spring of 2017 and by the end of summer 2018, I found myself back in America for another family wedding. This time, it was the turn of my little brother to get married! I decided as a gift to the couple I’d offer to film their wedding, so with the help of a fellow videographer I knew out there, we worked through a sweltering hot day to create the little extended highlight film you see above you.

It’s fun now to go back and compare the two films, and see what I’ve learned in the time between. I’d like to think that most people will be able to see the increase in skill level between the two! It’s still a learning experience to shoot a wedding out in America, they tend to run quite differently to a classic Irish wedding.

I’ve learned so much since that first wedding out in Colorado in 2014. But I still have a long way to go. Running a business is crazy hard but I love it. I love this job, I love getting to capture these moments. These two films will always mean a lot to me, and remind me of the importance of what I do. Maybe in another 4 years I’ll post another family wedding, and we’ll see where we go from there!

videographyJoanna Knight