Saying Yes To A Lifetime

Isla and I had met way back in 2014 while we were both studying in Edinburgh. We quickly bonded over our shared love of feminist Christian literature, and the fact that we were both in long distance relationships with engineers living in England. Niche, I know, but a friendship was formed and we kept in touch. When I moved back to NI, Isla commented on and liked pretty much every film I ever posted on Facebook and Instagram. I never thought a wedding videography business could have a number one fan, but if it did - Isla would be Familiar Joy’s!

When she messaged me to ask if I would come back over to Edinburgh to film her and Andrew’s wedding, I jumped at the chance, and I’m so glad I did.

Both originally from Scotland but now living in England, Isla and Andrew wanted their wedding to have a real traditional Scottish feel with a focus on family. Greyfriars Kirk provided a perfect location for a rousing ceilidh. A particularly heart warming moment was when they revealed that it was Andrew’s grandparents 50th wedding anniversary that very same day!

You can watch their 10 minute feature film here -

Joanna Knight