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"So what exactly do we get with your wedding video package?"

Good question! We understand that everyone has different ideas and also budgets for their wedding films. Every wedding is different, so we understand that not everyone might want the same thing from their wedding film. Some of you might want everything recorded in full, others would prefer a quick exciting, short film. This is why we allow you to select a package that perfectly suits your needs.

We always start filming from the preparations and stay through to the first few dances of the evening. We shoot with full HD cameras and professional audio equipment, but also aim to be as unobtrusive as possible, as so not to get in the way of you or your guests. Then after a long day of filming we get stuck into editing your final product.

What you get in your final product is up to you, but it usually is made up of one or several of these types of films -

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Our highlight films are the cornerstone of our wedding packages, and probably the type of film you’re most familiar with! There’s a reason you often see these short films on your social media. They are the perfect length for capturing the vibe of your day, ideally made for sharing online.

You can check out a selection of our favourite highlight films on our Portfolio page.


We consider the Feature Films to be the video equivalent of your photo album - it’s ideal for a sit down and cuddle on the sofa to rewatch your wedding day unfold again. At 20-25 minutes long, you’ll get to see all the best parts of your day including highlights from your ceremony and speeches.

To see examples of feature films, please schedule a consultation.


This may be more reminiscent of a “traditional” wedding film than either of our film types. We offer straightforward edits of the ceremony and / or speeches in full. These are provided as separate files delivered alongside your other films of choice.

To see examples of documentary edits, please schedule a consultation.